An app that benefits your church

Simple & affordable church apps

In todays fast paced world, churches more than ever need a tool to connect and reach people. At Magnify Apps we know the importance technology plays in our everyday life. And churches are no different. With the ever increase demand of websites, social media and marketing, how does a church stay ahead? With the growth in smartphones and mobile devices, mobile apps can now be combined into one central hub for your church or ministry. An app provides you with the platform to connect with your members with a touch of a button, push out videos, sermons and blogs, create events and sign-ups, and even watch church from your phone. Let's not forget easy electronic giving, prayer request's and so much more. In fact we encourage to provide us your problem and we will provide a mobile solution.


We know churches and ministries

We understand churches and ministries because our founder and director is a pastor of a local church. He has been using a church mobile app for years and he has the knowledge and experience to help you with an app. Believe us we understand that Church budgets are tight, thats why we have affordable prices that won't break the bank.

We would love to talk with you and help you connect with your church in a new way.

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