Push Notifications

Mar 24, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

A push notification allows you to push information like special announcements, service reminders, new app content, coupons, or anything else you want to share, directly to your app users and their smartphone

Along with this, a recent report by Localytics, as part of their annual app user retention study, found this about push notifications:

"In the U.S., Localytics found a 56 percent user retention rate, for users accepting push notifications.
Would you like to have a 56% user retention rate, on an app? This means people are not just downloading the app once, and maybe using it sporadically, but they’re actually using the app regularly. This also means that the app adds value to their everyday life experience."
    With a push notification you are in your customers pocket and with open rate even higher than text messages your message will remain top of mind and so will your services and offers.


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