Mobile media is on the rise

Mar 24, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

Recent data as reported this past year by Mary Meeker of KPCB shows that mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at 42%.

This means one thing… the tipping point has arrived. With this comes the question of experience and that which we are providing for our audience. Are we meeting our audience right where they’re at? Or rather, are we meeting our audience in the palm of their hand?

Internet Usage

In recent months, there has been a reported shift in regards to how people are then accessing media from their smartphone. With a whopping 89% of smartphone owners accessing media via their smartphones through apps, that leaves just 11% accessing media through mobile optimized websites.

But it’s more than just the data, this simply just tells us where people are and where and how they want to connect.


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