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May 10, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

Magnify Apps introduces an affordable and effective tool designed to help you grow your church or ministry – customized mobile apps. In todays fast paced world, churches more than ever need a tool to connect and reach people. At Magnify Apps we know the importance technology plays in our everyday life. And churches are no different. With the ever increase demand of websites, social media and marketing, how does a church stay ahead? With the growth in smartphones and mobile devices, mobile apps can now be combined into one central hub for your church or ministry. An app provides you with the platform to connect with your members with a touch of a button, push out videos, sermons and blogs, create events and sign-ups, and even watch church from your phone. Let's not forget easy electronic giving, prayer request's and so much more. In fact we encourage to provide us your problem and we will provide a mobile solution.

We know churches and ministries

We understand churches and ministries because our founder and director is a pastor of a local church. He has been using a church app for years and he has the knowledge and experience to help you with an app. Believe us we understand that Church budgets are tight, thats why we have affordable prices that won't break the bank.

Here are a few reasons why our apps can help you:

  1. Church focused.
    We know the needs that ministries have and our Apps were created with those needs in mind. We know that it is getting more difficult to effectively communicate to your members. An App is the perfect way to make sure all your members are kept up-to-date and fully engaged.
  2. Alerts.
    You can send push notifications to all your members right from our App dashboard. You even send links to display upcoming events and event signups right in the App!
  3. Media at your fingertips.
    Online Media is the most used tool of any Church App. Our system lets you give your members all your media in a user friendly mobile format, easily connecting to iTunes and Podcasts. You can even connect to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. If your church streams church online we can create a portal for your users to engage with church.
  4. Connect Social.
    Our App managment system lets you connect your App to your different social sites. Pull in your Twitter or Facebook feed to better streamline all your communication. You can even add a prayer wall or comment wall.
  5. Give online.
    Easily add an online giving platform to your app, and make it easy for your donors to give whenever they want.
  6. Digital Bulletin.
    Cut down on print cost with great feature. This allows you to send out a digital bulletin with signups, forms, links, videos and so much more. This feature will allow your church members to stay connected and engaged.
  7. Cost effective.
    Our apps are priced to fit within your budget and allow you to focus resources in other areas.

Don't wait any longer, call today and let's get your app started!


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