Can we give you a Free Church App?

Jun 17, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

The Magnify Church App Changes Everything.

There’s no better way to connect and communicate with your mobile congregation than with a church app.

That is why we want to give away a FREE mobile app and 1 year of hosting to a church!

Our heart is to help churches design and develop mobile apps to help them increase mobile connection, relationships, and communication as they reach people in and around the city.

Check out these amazing features:

  1. Push Notifications: Connect with your audience throughout the week and draw them in to respond to your message and community through the app.
  2. Digital Bulletin: Visually communicate the happenings within the church and avoid the time and hassle of passing out paper bulletins.
  3. Event Calendars: Give your members access to the church calendar 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Facebook events will integrate easily.
  4. Comment & Prayer Wall: Help people share post's and pictures within the app. You can also create an interactive prayer wall for those needing prayer.
  5. Advanced Analytics: Get user profile and demographic information to better reach your mobile congregation.
  6. Online Giving: Create an online giving portal to make giving easier and more effective.
  7. Video Sermons / Podcasts: Amplify your message by making your sermons readily available all the time to your church community.

Click here to enter to win a FREE Church App!


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